** Peer Social Skills Training for Children with Autism ** Seminar

by | Nov 8, 2018

OVA Switzerland is pleased to welcome Dr. Kimberly Maich and Dr. Carmen Hall; who will present a seminar on peer social skills training for children with autism.

With the increased number of students in inclusive classrooms, adopting social skills training strategies to support all students is essential for the classroom and the community. In the field of applied behavior analysis, peer social skills training strategies are an evidence-based intervention for children with autism. Peer social skills training covers a range of social needs in inclusive classrooms to teach social skills and include peers in the school, community; from kindergarten, through adolescence.


The presentation includes an introduction to 3 programs: Stay, Play, and Talk; PEER Pals; and Camps on TRACKS. A French version of each book is available for purchase on their Canadian website. Reference to come.

For more information, see the flyer.