We welcome volunteer interns all year round!

We welcome volunteer interns all year round!

We welcome volunteer interns all year round!


Understand Autism

Autistic disorder is a disability that is part of the autism spectrum disorder. This term used until 2013 is now replaced by ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder or Autism).

Worldwide, 1% of children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

Children with ASD demonstrate difficulties in social behaviors and the development of relationships with others.

There are also language development and communication skills delays. Interests are restricted and behaviors are repetitive.


Another way to feel the world

The Autistan, dear to Josef Schovanec, an imaginary country of a real community, gathers unique beings with their interests and emotions. Their personality is not reduced to their disorder ranging from mild to very severe. They see things differently in a so-called neurotypical world that still has difficulty including and understanding them.

The difference is a richness!

What I perceive…


    • I have my own way of living and seeing the world.


    • I can be bothered by what I hear, what I touch, what I see, what I eat.

What is difficult for me…


    • I don’t know how to communicate, how to say things.


    • I can’t communicate with others and stay focused on my interests.


    • I don’t understand what’s implied, or the wordplay.


    • I have a hard time understanding emotions.

How to communicate with me…


    • I can use gestures or pictures to ask or say something.


    • To play with me, we use simple games and words.


    • I may need rituals, that things are planned and not changed.
OVA How to communicate with me...

The children’s universe
of the OVA Center

“C. (4 and a half years old) is a little girl
mischievous and energetic who does not hesitate
to offer a profusion of beautiful smiles.
She likes bouncing balls and
when she throws them, she hops around
laughing. A small activity for a
great joy.”

Megane, Therapist.


“A. (13 years old) is a teenager in
in all its splendor. Very sensitive to
all the sounds, he likes things
like the sound of nails and
screw which, when falling on the box
provide pleasure, calm and
fun. One could easily
compare it to the sound of rain
against the windows.”

Megane, Therapist.

“K. (5 years old) is a calm child and very
meticulous. His passion? Create
hats with any object that seems to him
correspond to the idea of a headdress.
One day during a game of
transfer, K. noticed this
colander and after cleaning it, put it in the
delicately placed on his head, with
a huge smile.”

Megane, Therapist.