OVA Switzerland in Blue

by | Apr 9, 2018

Did you know that? The first World Autism Awareness Day was declared on April 2, 2008 by the United Nations.

April 2 is now Autism Awareness Day with BLUE as the representative color. April is often associated with Autism as well.

In this time of autism awareness, we are mobilizing.

You can also take action at home, with your loved ones.

Participate in the event that we relay on the Facebook of OVA Switzerland:
“#ovasuisseenbleu, Wear BLUE, decorate in BLUE, eat BLUE Easter eggs , cook BLUE . .. Anything is possible as long as it is BLUE.

Take a picture of yourself and send us your most beautiful BLUE pictures to ovasuisseenbleu@gmail.com.

We will publish the pictures throughout the month of April. You can also publish your pictures on your Facebook pages by tagging OVA Suisse with #ovasuisseenbleu. To your pictures! ”

Join the #ovasuisseenbleu movement to help raise awareness about autism.

Remember to “like” the OVA Switzerland Facebook page and find all our events.