Better care for people with autism spectrum disorders is needed. Whether it is a question of finding a place in an adapted center or trained professionals, the observation remains the same: Everything is cruelly lacking.

In order to participate in the implementation of solutions, the OVA Autism Association Switzerland and the ESM, School of Management and Communication in Geneva, are joining forces to offer, as of next fall (September 22, 2022), a master’s degree in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) recognized by ABA Switzerland. Josef Schovanec will be the patron of the first class. Upon completion, graduates who wish to do so may, under certain conditions, prepare for the ABA Switzerland (formerly BCBA) professional certification.

This curriculum will provide participants with in-depth training in ABA, in accordance with best practice recommendations. It also aims to develop their entrepreneurial spirit with management sciences. Original and unique, this dual training will provide students with an indispensable background for training, supervision, care, and management in various institutions or in the dedicated structure of which they will be the founders/creators.

For more information, please visit the ABA Master Training page – ESM School Geneva or

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Eric Vandenhoeck