On March 28, 2023, a few days before World Autism Awareness Day, we had the great privilege of hosting Professor Nadia Chabane and Isabelle Steffen. They answered the questions of our president Bénédicte Eissa Lucas on the theme of research to adapted care in Switzerland.

More than 110 people were present and we were able to exchange around a drink after this very enriching debate.

Professor Nadia Chabane is the director of the Centre Cantonal de l’Autisme since 2014, a physician at the CHUV, a recognized clinician of autism disorders and author of numerous publications in the field of care and research on the biological basis of autism.

Isabelle Steffen is co-president of Autisme Suisse Romande, member of Autisme Vaud, parent of a child with ASD and member of the April 2nd committee in charge of World Autism Day.

The two speakers were invited by OVA Autisme Suisse and the ESM, School of Management and Communication of Geneva. Helping adults and children with autism to have a better future and enabling them to live among others, remains more than ever a problem, so much the capacities of adapted reception and the trained professionals are missing. Lack of training can even lead to situations of abuse. The Autistan, an imaginary country of a real community, is the reflection of our biodiversity and we must take care of it. This is the challenge that OVA and ESM are addressing by working together to train autism professionals through the ABA Master in Applied Behavior Analysis .