Our convictions

Our goal: To diversify intervention services for autism in Switzerland by offering an intensive behavioral intervention based on scientific research already recognized and practiced in many countries.

Our missions:

  1. To give children with autism a better future thanks to adapted and scientifically effective services: ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
  2. Organize training of professionals: OVA organizes continuous training of professionals in ABA so that the most effective intervention strategies are incorporated into the everyday life of children with autism spectrum disorders.
  3. Support families: OVA helps families affected by the autism by providing information and effective intervention strategies. OVA supports families, which meet financial difficulties to access ABA services.
  4. Organization of intervention services for children: Thanks to professionals trained and who meet criteria established by the association, OVA has built a team whose work consists of structured individual sessions adapted for each child’s learning needs

Our fundamental values:

The functioning and the professional practice of our team within the association team are governed by OVA’s code of ethics as well as the code of ethics established by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (www.bacb.com – code of ethics for applied behavior analysts)

participer à la thérapie d'un enfant