OVA started in 2004 through the initiative of a group of local parents whose children were diagnosed with autism.  They were faced with a significant lack of trained professionals as well as a lack of effective therapy, so they searched abroad for scientifically based interventions.

In Canada, these parents discovered ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis). Thrilled with the potential of this therapy, they decided to create a partnership with Canadian Behaviour Analysts to establish a training of local professionals in Switzerland.  Thanks to these newly trained ABA professionals, home-based interventions developed rapidly along with a growing demand for our services.

In 2007, the association created a training and extra-curricular intervention centre in Gland, Switzerland. OVA isn’t a school. It does not benefit from any subsidies, only private donations and parents’ financial contributions allow the centre to function.  

participer à la thérapie d'un enfant